Who We Are

Our Mission

Helping individuals find their identify and rediscover their personal worth through relationships in nature.  

We serve the local community with an emphasis on disabled veterans and special needs children. Our facility enables self-discovery and positive lasting change through cultivation of the mind, body, soul, and environment. Our program provides unique, hands-on, educational experiences in gardening, caring for animals, harvesting honey, and creating unique, handcrafted products by our community, for our community.

our family

Stephen and Rachel are retired Air Force. After 45 years of combined service, the Budners, along with their 3 boys, have made Ohio their final family home. Doing so has enabled them to spend more time with their extended family in Eastern Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. However, their primary focus for settling in Montgomery County was to provide a stable, structured, and safe environment for their boys; Stephen, Matthew, and Jacob to learn, thrive, and grow. Since the boys were old enough to walk and talk, they have shared their love of animals and gardening with their parents. It was during their children’s younger years, Steve and Rachel starting planning their future farm.  A farm that would not only be beneficial to their own family but one they could share with their community.  Their adventure came to fruition in June 2019, when they began their move from Colorado to Ohio. Now that the family has starting this adventure, they have their hearts set on growing a legacy for both their family and community generations to come.

our vision

To become our community’s top resource for unique and educational “life on the farm” encounters.

Our Values

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